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Welcome to The Bandana Shoppe.  We offer a wide variety of specialty dog bandanas for both medium / large and small dogs.

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Made in the USA with attention to quality and durability.

Fun and Fashion meet Function with Dog Bandanas Collar Covers, they fit over your pets collar to give your pet the bandana look with out the hassle of tying.  Just slide the collar through the Bandana and their ready to go show off!

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Specially designed with a matching fabric elastic band that simply slips over your pets collar.  No tying required, stays in place and no chance of losing them! 

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New! Every month for 12 months, a special package will arrive in the mail with a brand new dog collar bandana.

Looking for new idea to market you business or event? Let The Bandana Shoppe Help! Bandanas can be customized to reflect your business / organization logo, event, team colors and much, much more! 

- My dog is so ADORABLE in their dog collar bandana
- I purchased a collar cover bandana for my golden retriever at the Parker October fest, and LOVE it on my dog.
-Awesome bandana, perfectly made and so cute
-Love it. Love it. I love it. Thanks!!!
- So cute and very well made, LOVE THEM!
- Thank  you! Great Bandana! We love them!
- Such unique items! Love em!
- So wonderful and such a selection!